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Your boss is not your friend. Your boss is not someone you can trust. Your relationship with your boss needs to be entirely professional.

  • Do not do your boss favours. No working for free. No doing unreasonable duties. No working outside the hours you state as available.
  • Do not say anything to your boss. About anything. Keep it work related. They will only use personal information against you.
  • Know your rights. Know the laws. Your boss will come at you trying to get you to quit like its a favour to you. Its usually because they can’t legally fire you.
  • Be wary around your coworkers. Some will have no problem passing things along to your boss. Such as your mental health or financial sta nding
  • Never offer to pay for anything lost, stolen or broken. Especially if money is missing from the till.
  • Demand safe working conditions.

Your boss is only there to exploit your labour for profit. Unfortunately you need that labour to sustain yourself. Just be careful.

Your boss will likely act buddy/buddy with you. Let them. But don’t reciprocate. They tell you how they got wasted and are super hungover at work? You tell them how you wish you weren’t such a boring person who goes to bed at 10p every night. They tell you how much they don’t like your co-worker, you tell them that the co-worker tries their hardest.

super mega important: “They tell you how much they don’t like your co-worker, you tell them that the co-worker tries their hardest.


Sitting here reading this and I just… 

My boss shares pictures of her grandkids– sometimes even has the grandkids in the store, lol, and if you stop to play with the kid for a few minutes that’s okay, unless they are actively calling for help on the floor. My boss helps customers on the salesfloor– though she doesn’t carry scissors or know how to use the cash register. My boss gets excited about my cosplay projects and excitedly shares her own projects with us– she dressed as Molly Weasley for comic con, got her husband to dress as Arthur. My boss took a quilting class at the store recently and excitedly showed me the first row she had put together. 

I realize this post is targeted at people in lowest common denominator jobs, but… no. It’s not universal. I work at a store where my boss actually sees her employees like family. 

Please if you are reading this, remember that n ot all jobs are like this. Sometimes people are actually not horrible. 

Buddy I’m happy for you but I too had a boss who considered me part of the family and treated me with respect and kindness and compassion and he fired my ass with no notice the day after he found out I was queer

There’s not a damn thing wrong with not trusting your boss as far as you can throw them

One of the most important pieces of workplace advice I’ve ever heard was that “we’re like family here/we treat employees like family” inevitably translates into “we have a total lack of healthy boundaries and unreasonable expectations as to what you will do for us without compensation, and will likely act personally offended and possibly retaliate if you push back to assert your own space and life.” 

This advice is relevant across all job classes, levels etc. Lemme tell you about the terrible fu cking boss I had who pulled that we’re all family shit on me and when I tried to enforce some boundaries, harassed me until I had to take FMLA leave.

I was traumatized from how that fucker treated me when I went to a different school, to the point where I expected to be berated and fired for the tiniest mistake. 

Fuck this trusting your boss bullshit, like ever. Something about being in charge changes people, usually for the worst

No but this is legit. My new boss thinks he is the coolest, friendliest most likeable guy. When I was temping he was going on and on about how his company was like a family environment all this shit. The day I was hired full time I told him I had family vacation coming up in 2 months and he suggested I cancel it. I’m looking at this dude who was talking out the side of his mouth about family and then he is BUGGING about giving me a few days to see my family. I knew if I caved he would have really just let me ca ncel my vacation so I didn’t budge and he gave me the days off. Fast forward to this week and he hands out a new company policy that literally says we arent allowed to speak to each other during work hours unless everyone in earshot is on a scheduled break. do you know how crazy that is? human beings talk to each other. then I find out that my coworker never got maternity leave. she was in labor doing the fucking payroll and this guy legit just saw it as her being loyal.


Please remember that if they fuck up they will blame you. Always be prepared. Your boss is not your friend!

Yeah. When I worked at Northern Crescent Iron as a blacksmith I wasn’t allowed to make coffee on the clock even though everyone was drinking it, even though I would still be waiting for my forge or my knives to heat up, but my boss would EXPECT me to do social media promotion for the company unpaid on my own time. As the person who did all the grinding on the knives he kept moving me farther and farther towards the garage door in the shop and eventually moved me outside under an awning because grinding makes dust and everyone else didn’t like getting as dirty as I had to be every day. I was ostensibly an apprentice with the expectation that he would teach me things about the trade, but the very first knife I made during my working interview was good enough to be sold to customers and I improved their knife design during my first couple of months. As a result, the boss never taught me anything new that I couldn’t figure out from 5 minutes on YouTube. When I first started at the company I was going through a hard breakup and the boss invited me to stay at his place in a makeshift ADU, and the next morning I awoke to a three hour screaming match/fight between him and his wife. I sat outside with his kids and when he finally came out and took them to school (late) he instructed me to spend time with his wife to calm her down. I made breakfast for her and she told me he put hands on her. As a victim of rape and abuse myself, I had to carry that knowledge with me to work every day for the next year and some change. He eventually fired me for “being a mouthy cunt who didn’t know my fucking place” when I repeatedly brought up his expectation for me to do free labor while he kept pushing me farther and farther out of the shop and giving me nothing beyond my 15 dollar an hour wage. Even in an “up by the bootstraps” small company with half a dozen employees, your boss CAN NOT be your friend. It’s an unequal power dynamic from the very beginning.

Gosh, y'all had shitty bosses.

I still get calls from my old boss for 5 years now, asking if I want to come back and even offered a pay upgrade, free travel ticket, an apartment and car.

I don’t go back because there’s no retirement plan

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Alright but I kinda want fantasy stories with realistic views on gravity

I want a fantasy story that actively CHALLENGES gravity in a way I can see somewhat

like dragons being fire breathing lizards who are whip smart but have hollow bones and are smaller in the flying veriety then ground locked dragons or sea dragons

witches actively taking gravity into consideration with their flight paths and deciding on saffest ruites in case of bad weather or sleeping flying, 

a wizard catching a falling object by blowing a harsh gust of with up on it to slow its falling speed enough to set up a object able to catch the person with minimal damage

a room covered in wind current charts and yearly rotations/disruptions of wind patterns

seasonal spirits who fly on the wind being stuck for months in a place where the wind just keeps going in circles until they cave and walk to where the wind isnt stuck in a loop

fantastical things fighting with real ish gravitity and wind, idk it just sounds cool to me